Wide Range of Precision Turned Components

Wide Range of Precision Turned Components

We, at Usha Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. manufacture huge amount of precision turned components in the world. Producing highly precise and good quality precision turned components and small turned parts every year.

Our skilled employees by using latest machines produces high-quality world class products like cnc turned parts, cold forged components etc. for our clients.

Usha Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. specialized in manufacturing micro precision wire products using stainless steel and steel material. We manufacture these micro components in large quantity for our customers.

We manufacture high quality products that includes small turned parts, precision turned components, cold forged components and cnc turned parts with the variety in the lengths, diameter and sizes.

Our Product Range      

Pins, Shafts and Piston Rods

Pins - Pins are cylindrical fasteners with a variety in shapes and sizes and provide the secure connection for joining two or more components.

Variety of Pins

1.    Stainless Steel Pin

2.    Precision Pins

3.    Grooved Pin

4.    Knurled pins

5.    Stainless Steel Dowel Pins

Shafts - Shafts are cylindrical shaped components that supports rotating elements by transmitting torque (rotating force). We use stainless steel material to manufacture shafts.

Piston Rods - Piston rod is very essential component for reciprocating engines, they are generally used for connecting piston to crankshaft.

Cold Forged Rivets

Cold forged rivets are used in various applications of the manufacturing industry.

Cold Forging

The process of shaping the metal at room temperature or slightly above the room temperature. The entire process ensures accurate dimensions, high strength and smooth finishing.

Advantages of Cold Forged Rivets

Improves Strength - Cold forging process increases the strength of the metal

Smooth Finishing - Cold forging process delivers a smooth and consistent surface finishing.

High Speed Production - Cold forging is the fast and very efficient process that allows mass production of rivets along with lower cost per unit compared to other methods.

Material Efficiency - Very less amount of waste is generated during cold forging process. It is very environment friendly production method.

Design Variety - With the help of the cold forging rivets, we can create a wide variety of rivet shapes along with different sizes to fulfil the need of multiple applications in manufacturing industry. 

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Wide Range of Precision Turned Components