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Our company specializes in manufacturing precision machined components like rivets - flat head as well as round head - for ball bearings and other applications, dowel pins, dowels, steel pins, axles, shafts, drive shafts, spindles, plungers, pistons, rods, needles, needle rollers, arbors, pivots, spacer, mils, axis, rivets, brass turned components, etc. The world class manufacturing units backs us to manufacture components using various grades of raw materials stainless steel, SS 304, SS 316, brass, etc. These machined components feature extremely close tolerance, smooth finish and dimensional stability.
We follow ISO defined quality control norms and offer machined parts with extraordinary quality. Use of measuring machine assures compliance to standards and specifics. Our engineers specialize in customizing machined components as per the requirements of the clients.



Products from USHA has proved to be an asset for us. They are superb in terms of quality and their delivery is prompt. They go over and above to do a good job...

Ralph Neumen, U.S.A.
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