An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

We, at Usha Precision Exports, specialize in manufacturing a wide range of highly precise machined and ground wire products like dowel pins, shafts, spindles, etc. from different grades of stainless steel and other ferrous & non-ferrous metals as per customers' technical drawings and specifications. Steel pins can have various applications in the form of dowels, axles, shafts, rotor shafts, spindles, plungers, pistons, rods, needles, needle rollers, arbors, pivots, spacer, mils, axis, etc.

Product Types

With production of nearly 2.0 million parts per day, our products have application in various engineering industries. Broad product types include:

    • Steel Pins
    • Steel Dowels
    • Spindles
    • Axles
    • Welle
    • Rotor Shafts
    • Needle Rollers
    • Shafts
    • Needles
    • Achse
    • Stift
    • Pivots
    • Mils
    • Axis
  • Diameter 0.35 to 6.00 mm
  • Lengt 2.5 to 400 mmh
  • Operations Any of the operations from Taper, Radius, Groove, Slot, Turning, Milling, Chamfer, Knurling, Threading, Heading etc., can be performed.

Raw Material Used

    • Stainless Steel
      • Grade AISI 301, 302, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 420F, 440C, etc.
    • Bearing Steel
      • SAE 52100, 100 Cr 6, EN 31
    • Steel
      • EN1A
    • Brass

Physical Properties

These components could be Magnetic, Non-Magnetic, Hardened up to 50 HRc or Annealed as per customers' specification.

  • Surface Finish

    Depending on application, components can be Ground, Polished, SUPPEr-finished, Passivated or Electroplated. We can provide exemplary mirror surface finish after sUPPEr-finishing of below Rz 0.5

    Diameter Accuracy

    We have capability of maintaining diameter accuracy within 2 microns.